Friday, April 8, 2016

Blog Posting on VOICES AND VISIONS - Andrew Gold (circa 1998-2000)

Music inspires me--to write and play Music! I know it sounds somewhat obvious, and it is, but I really get very creative if I hear someone else being creative and I like what they are doing. It automatically triggers my creative center, and I immediately want to write something myself. If I hear lots of music that doesn't really get me excited, I still may be writing soon, as I do all the time anyway...but if I hear something that really gets me going, I have an extra edge, and the songs I write right after that usually get written faster, and are better than the ones I slog and work on for days. The inspired ones come faster.

I like all sorts of music: Classical, Musicals, ROCK AND ROLL, Pop, even some rap things. The only kind of music that bugs me is march music, but even that genre has it's better songs and it's worse songs. For some reason, the whole pariotic pride evoking march stuff just makes me feel unemotional and uninterested. But that's about my only real prejudice in music. The rest- Well, it breaks down to only two kinds of music: Good music, and Bad music. For instance, there's rap music, even real gangsta stuff I like a lot, and on the other side of the scale, there's some classical music that is a big yawn to me....But my basic, original inspirations, when I was a kid, was The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Motown, Simon And Garfunkle, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach (especially the Dionne Warwick hits; The Stones, Stevie Wonder; and Musicals like West Side Story, My Fair Lady etc...Later The Police got to me, Prince...

Some of my favorite CD's: The BEATLES RUBBER SOUL, REVOLVER, BEATLES FOR SALE (Beatles 65 here) MEET THE BEATLES, SGT PEPPER; WHITE ALBUM; The first 5 Byrds albums; THE BEACH BOYS PET SOUNDS and SMILE; Adored much of the sixties Motown hits, like the Supremes, Temptations etc etc. Loved BRAZILLION STUFF, LIKE GIRL FROM IPANEMA...Jobim Stuff, and loved ALEX NORTH'S SCORE to Spartacus....STEVIE WONDER's mid seventies big three albums, like Fullfillingness First Finale, Talking Book, Songs In The Key Of Life, etc. The soundtracks from the movie West Side Story, MY FAIR LADY...Simon and Garfunkles last 4 albums. And So much more 

It's in my DNA...I can't help it. Even now, it's playing in my's my favorite it too loud, lol?

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